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Airplanes and Theaters...

breeding grounds for all kinds of gross

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Have you ever thought about how many bodies have sat in that public seat you're about to sit in? Let's face it, not everyone holds to the same standard of "clean", so what can you do? I'm particularly grossed out at the theater and on airplanes for so many reasons. My instincts (and many years of working in the medical field) told me I can't trust the cleanliness of a public seat the way I would like to. The likelihood of that seat being cleaned and disinfected to my standards are slim to none.

After researching exactly what has been found on airplane seats and theater seats, I'm convinced, now more than ever, that we carry around some pretty nasty germs on our clothes and bodies after sitting in one of those seats for any length of time. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I really don't like the thought of possibly getting lice from leaning my head back on the seat, or picking up some nasty bacteria that could lead to who knows what.

"Lice from an airplane or theater seat?" Oh yes! My best friend has had to deal with this very situation more than once. She recently told me about her daughter getting lice from the theater and her other daughter getting lice from an airplane seat. Not only is it traumatizing to the child, but to the whole rest of the family who has to be treated as well. And with the increasing threat of "super-lice" making its way around the world, who has time or patience for that?

On a different level of gross, a recent article I read talked about the large amounts of fecal bacteria found on theater seats when swabbed and processed in a lab. Ummmm, what?!? How does this happen? Like I said, not everyone holds to the same standard of "clean". So, what can we do? We can wipe down hard surfaces (arm rests, trays etc.) with disinfectant wipes, wash our hands, and try not to touch our face and mouth. But that doesn't help with the fabric surfaces that are often used on public seats like airlines and theaters. Those can't be wiped down and are rarely, if ever, shampooed and cleaned.

In a recent visit to the theater that was my inspiration for the very first prototype of FLYTJKT, we discovered that the regular theater seats had been replaced with high-end recliners. My family and I brought our FLYTJKT covers and were pleasantly surprised to discover that they fit even the largest seat, holding securely in place for the entire show. I was comfortable, relaxed and able to lay my head back without the slightest fear of what might be lurking on my seat. Now that's reassuring!

Check out these pictures of our FLYTJKT prototypes on large, reclining theater seats. The best part about this's very compact, versatile, sleek, self-contained, washable and reusable. It quickly folds up into it's own concealed pocket, weighing about 8 oz, and easily slips into a bag or purse. Stay tuned for our upcoming KickStarter campaign launching the arrival of FLYTJKT. Email us to find out how you can get your very own FLYTJKT before they hit the retail market!

Side view of our latest prototype, fitting around the entire seat width
Front view of FLYTJKT fully extended
Seat in reclined position

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