• What is FLYTJKT?

    Be Comfortable, Clean & Cootie-free

  • Features

    Unique qualities that make FLYTJKT one-of-a-kind...

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    Made In The USA!

    American Pride in Our Product

    We are proud to be an American company, and therefore we're proud to say our product is Made in the USA! All of our fabrics and trim are purchased from American companies and FLYTJKT is manufactured & assembled right here in the USA. And we're especially proud to say FLYTJKT is made in Austin, TX!

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    Full Seat Coverage

    Comfortable and Clean

    With your comfort in mind, FLYTJKT was created to be versatile, giving you the unique ability to cover the entire seat from top to bottom. Designed to be sleek and streamlined, FLYTJKT fits every style without being over-the-top... keeping you CLEAN, COMFORTABLE & COOTIE-FREE

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    Partial Seat Coverage

    Adjustable for Different Needs

    For those that are looking for backrest and head coverage only, FLYTJKT can be adjusted by velcro to be half the size in length! Simply tuck the end into the crease of the seat for a more secure fit.

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    Sleek Design

    Simple and Non-Intrusive

    In designing the overall style of FLYTJKT, it was important to make a sleek, classy, simple design that isn't distracting to those around. That's why FLYTJKT is made with calming, gender-neutral colors, and no added bulk of draping, loose fabric.

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    Secure & Out-of-the-Way

    Non-Slip Design, Stays Out of the Way

    Worried about obstructing the tray or TV screen behind you? Not a problem! Keeping FLYTJKT in place is a crucial part of its function. We've built in quality elastic straps to be secured to the corners of the seat, helping to keep it from slipping down. This also allows the back piece to be flipped over on itself in the rare event that it causes obstruction of trays or screens on the seatback.

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    Great Adjustability

    Elastic Drawcord and 4-Way Stretch

    One of our favorite features of FLYTJKT is its amazing ability to adjust to a wide variety of different sized seats. Our unique 4-way stretch panel and elastic drawcord let you tighten the top panel snuggly around different depth and width seatbacks, keeping FLYTJKT snuggly in place. It even fits perfectly over individual THEATER SEATS, BUS SEATS or TRAIN SEATS.

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    Compact & Self-Contained

    Built-in Storage Pocket

    Everyone wants less bulk when traveling....so we've got you covered! FLYTJKT folds up into its own hidden, self-contained, built-in pocket. Weighing only 10 oz. and measuring 8" x 8.5" x 1", FLYTJKT is extremely easy to pack in your carry-on, purse or briefcase, making it easy to take anywhere! Bonus: when FLYTJKT is folded up into its built-in pocket, all surfaces that were directly touching the seat are not touching you!

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    Easy to Clean

    Taking Care of Your FLYTJKT

    Caring for FLYTJKT is simple and painless. Made of a 65%/35% Poly/Cotton blend, FLYTJKT is durable, comfortable and washes up nicely. Machine wash or hand wash in mild detergent. We recommend to hang-dry your FLYTJKT for best results. When you're traveling with it, simply wash it out in sink or tub at your hotel and hang-dry, ready to use the next day!

  • What's On Those Seats, Anyway?

    The Nitty-Gritty On Why YOU Need a FLYTJKT

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    Airplane Seats

    What You Should Pay Attention To

    Good Morning America teamed up with a Microbiologist from NYU to study the types of bacteria and germs we come into contact with on a typical vacation or business trip. Some of the highlights... Airplane seats and airport lounge seats were the worst of the bunch, testing positive for fecal matter, E.coli and yeast. And, don't forget about the many documented cases of lice infestations from airplane seats. Yuck!

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    Theater Seats

    We Love the Movies, But Hate the Cooties

    A news report from Channel 7 KLTV sheds some light on those dark movie theaters we all love to frequent. After visiting four theaters and swabbing seats, armrests, headrests, and floors, the results were astounding! The takeaway? Hundreds of thousands of colonies of fecal matter. That's right, people use the restroom and don't wash their hands. The cleanest part of the theaters, you ask? The floors!

  • A Note from Carrie

    FLYTJKT Has Taken Off!

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    I love to travel, I love going to the movies, and I love to be clean & comfortable! Apparently, I'm not the only one...I've talked with several people who hate ooey-gooey, germ-filled public seats as much as I do. Coming out of the movie theater one particularly sticky, cootie-filled evening, I decided I'd had enough! That's where FLYTJKT comes in...


    I've designed the FLYTJKT seat-cover system to be sleek and stylish, fit easily in your purse, briefcase or carry-on, and provide a level of comfort unmatched in the travel industry. I've scoured the globe to find the perfect fabric-- providing durability, comfort, long-wear and quality.


    FLYTJKT is light-weight, washable and fits nearly all individual travel and theater seats, giving you peace-of-mind, keeping you and your family comfortable, clean and cootie-free.


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